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Do you have questions about WHMIS 2015?

April 30, 2019

Maneuvering through the information can be daunting. Through the WHMIS.org website, we reached out the Occupational Health & Safety Division of the NS Department of Labour & Advanced Education for more information. If you have questions, we called (902) 424-5301 and they put us in touch with Brad Wells, an Information Specialist at OH&S. Here is what Brad shared with us:

“ NS is still working on revising its WHMIS Regulations.  The provincial regulations have not been updated yet and there is no definite timeline on when they will be done.  There is good news that the federal and provincial requirements can still be administered as they exist.  There is no conflict created the only implication is some of the updated requirements that have been introduced in other jurisdictions are not yet a requirement in Nova Scotia.

At workplaces where staff work with or in close proximity to “Controlled/Hazardous Products” the employer must ensure staff have WHMIS training and do a yearly review with the employees of their site, specific to WHMIS.  Thus the employer would review WHMIS 2015, the products housed at that work site, the general content required on a supplier label and workplace label , purpose and significance of the information, the precautions required in handling, storing, use and disposal, PPE, emergency phone numbers, review the SDS sheets, where the SDS are located, what is in place if an employee is hurt by a controlled product, etc. These are only some of the reviews an employer may look at when doing site specific review with staff.  The employer is required to ensure that the program of employee education is developed and implemented.  “

Brad also linked us with a really helpful resource here at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

It answers questions like:

If you are looking for information on WHMIS 2015 specific to Nova Scotia, we went to WHMIS.org and https://novascotia.ca/lae/healthandsafety/pubs.asp#whmiswhmis

For training in WHMIS 2015, there are courses available through your local safety associations.

Occupation Health & Educational Services (2002) Inc from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, offers a WHMIS Automotive 2015 course online. When we spoke with owner Jim Benoit, he explained that “yes, they need a card. They would have to show proof of training. We are waiting for the new WHMIS 2015 regulations, but they should be trained to the new standard”. Jim has worked with many of the automotive dealerships and body shops in Nova Scotia from the largest to the smallest and developed site specific WHMIS 2015 Training. If you are interested in his programs, visit OHESonsite.com