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Public Mask Requirements

Beginning July 31, 2020, individuals in Nova Scotia are required to use a face mask while in public spaces.

You can find all the information surrounding the new requirements here:

In a retail gasoline environment, where public space up to the counter is masked, would behind the counter be considered under employer safety policy?

In retail gasoline environments, the employee area behind the counter is still considered part of that public space, so employees would be required to wear a mask.

Are face shields and/or Plexiglas partitions an acceptable substitution for face masks?

No. Plexiglas and face shields provide an extra layer of protection when there is very limited, direct, close face-to-face contact.

Plexiglas and face shields do not protect against the breathing in or out of airborne particles. They do not create an enclosed barrier to someone breathing in or out, and the virus can get out around the face shield.

Plexiglas and face shields are important in proper applications as they add an additional layer of protection when a person is in close, direct contact with the public.

Masks, however, greatly reduce the amount of virus that anybody might be breathing or coughing or sneezing into the air, and it protects the other people nearby.

If an Automotive Service Technician is working in their own service bay at a garage, do they need to wear a mask?

No, a service bay that is restricted to the public is not a public space, and a mask is not required.  This area falls under the safety policies of the workplace.

If an employee (Automotive Service Technician or otherwise) is in a reception area where you may wait while your car is being fixed and open to the public then a mask is required.

Have a question surrounding COVID-19 policies, regulations, and restrictions?  Send us your questions and we will do our best to find the answer for you.

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