Employer Advisor Nova Scotia upcoming Training

The Employer Advisor Nova Scotia Society provides leadership & expertise in the disciplines of Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Health & Safety, Disability Case Management, Workplace Practices and Associated Employment issues.

Everyday, our Employer Advisors provide navigation to employers, like yourself, on any number of issues!

  • Need assistance with and review of complex claims, claim decisions or looking to make an objection to a Workers’ Compensation claim? We Know The Way!
  • Not sure how to handle a work refusal under the OHS Act? We Know The Way!
  • Need assistance to address discipline and take disciplinary action correctly? We Know The Way!
  • Policy reviews, legal representation, appeals… OEA NS, We Know The Way!

Contact us today to find out how we can assist your needs! 902-442-9366 | oeans.ca

Or check out our upcoming classes: OEA NS Society 2020 Training Schedule