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The Automotive Sector Council (ASC) Marketplace is a brand new training platform.

The ASC Marketplace provides Motive Power Industry employers & employees in Nova Scotia access online training.
The training programs are designed to help owners and managers, employees, and job seekers develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s workforce.
Courses range from business management, human resources, and safety; to technical and certification.

The ASC Marketplace training hub enables automotive employers and owners to access training materials already developed to fit
their needs. ASC Marketplace gives employers and owners free access to a library of up to date, industry specific, online training courses.
Employers and owners can track and manage employee training, ensuring their staff are well equipped to help their business succeed.

ASC Marketplace is part of the Skillspass network. SkillsPass gives millions of workers the ability to manage and share their training certificates with current and future employers,
industry groups and regulators.
Any certificates issued by ASC Marketplace will be visible and sharable on your SkillsPass profile, hosted securely within the SkillsPass Cloud. As certifications approach their expiry
dates, ASC Marketplace sends a reminder that it is time to re-certify.
Sharing certificates between employers and employees is secure and simple. You can scan unique QR codes, email certificates, or access certificates via the SkillsPass Portal.

Please visit automotivens.skillspass.com to register.

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