PO Box 171,
Dartmouth NS B2Y 3Y3
Toll Free: 1-877-860-3805
Tel: (902) 464-0168

Block 1 training includes: Orientation to Industry, Developing Employability Skills, Safe Work Practices, Tools and Equipment Usage and Service Tires and Wheel Assembly.

Block 2 training will include: Service Lubrication and Fluid Systems, Inspect Other Systems and Apply Corrosion Protection.

Individuals who successfully complete Block 1 and Block 2 training online and in-person, will have the opportunity to be certified as Tire and Maintenance Technicians.

The program was designed to increase recruitment and retention in the Motive Power Industry while reducing barriers to entry. The program has a goal to assess 5-10 candidates per year.

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Invest in Your Future

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