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November 9, 2020
Attraction & Retention, Training

Tesla IDEV (Interactive Demo Electric Vehicle

The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (Agency) and the Nova Scotia Automotive Sector Council have a strong partnership to promote the motive power trades as a quality career.  In our collaborations to determine how best to provide experiential learning for youth and those looking for a career in the skilled trades, a wonderful opportunity was presented with AllEV Canada Inc.

The first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, AllEV services any electric vehicle from hybrid to battery operated with an aim to support the growth of the electric vehicle market in Canada and keep electric vehicles on the road longer. The main focuses at AllEV are education, training, and innovation.

Shakara Paris with NSAA tries out the IDEV

In August 2020, Donna MacGillivray and Shakara Paris with NSAA, Kevin Gerrior with NSCC, and members of the Automotive Sector Council at AllEV Canada Inc., participated in a tour of the facility provided by Vice President Dave Giles.

The tour began in the service area, where Automotive Service Technician apprentice Elizabeth Featherstone was working on a Tesla alongside an engineer, Mitch Gregory. Elizabeth has the unique opportunity to gain experience working on electric vehicles while also

Engineer Mitch Gregory & Automotive Service Technician apprentice Elizabeth Featherstone

learning the fundamental skills needed to work on vehicles with internal combustion engines. She attends Automotive Service Technician technical training at Akerley Campus, but also works part-time at AllEV.

Mitch demonstrated various components of the Tesla IDEV (Interactive Demo Electric Vehicle). Once the car is complete, it will be on display at trade shows, school visits and other learning opportunities as a fully operational but stationary electric vehicle. The Sector Council and AllEV will be making presentations around the province. This hands-on experience will allow viewers to see the ins and outs of a Tesla while learning how it operates. The day ended with Agency representatives getting to drive in a Tesla. The council provided a great opportunity to, dare we say, TestDrive, and highlight the potential to attract more individuals into the motive power trades through a strong partnership!