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A mechanic and his apprentice

What is my responsibility as an employer?

As a TestDrive host employer, you commit to:

  • Providing a minimum of 200 paid summer work hours to a student.
  • Ensuring a safe work environment in accordance with the OH&S Act.
  • Designating an employee to act as a mentor to the student (to guide and direct their work).
  • Providing supervised skills training and feedback to the student and their supervising teacher.

What does it mean to be a Mentor?

Mentorship is the process where an experienced worker (mentor) works with and educates a less experienced worker (student) to help foster skill development and professional growth. The mentor shares his/her skills, knowledge, techniques, best practices, and experience to provide a comprehensive hands-on training experience for the student.

Deciding to become a mentor is an important step to invest in your future. Sharing your knowledge and skills will have a huge impact on industry workforce planning and longevity.

It will also:

  • Renew your Workforce
  • Build a strong Economy
  • Be a Good Corporate Citizen

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Invest in Your Future

Invest in Your Future

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