Deciding to become a mentor is an important step to invest in your future. Sharing your knowledge and skills will have a huge impact on industry workforce planning and longevity.

It will also:

  • Renew your Workforce
  • Build a strong Economy
  • Be a Good Corporate Citizen

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is the process where an experienced worker (mentor) works with and educates a less experienced worker (student) to help foster skill development and professional growth. The mentor shares his/her skills, knowledge, techniques, best practices and experience to provide a comprehensive hands-on training experience for the student.

As a Mentor you will:

  • Demonstrate to the student technical and non-technical skill sets and best practices
  • Guide and navigate the student through their co-op placement
  • Help create a trusting relationship, respect confidentiality and show respect for the student’s interest in learning
  • Motivate the student to achieve success through positive comments and feedback
  • Work with the student and their school’s co-op teacher to report on student’s progress and assist with evaluation of student’s performance
  • Refer apprentices to access information
  • Be patient and encourage dialogue

Employer Benefits

  • Access to a pool of young and local employees
  • Train student to shop standards
  • Introduce a student to a positive culture of training in your workplace, increasing loyalty
  • Greatly increase your opportunities to retain valuable employees.

Journey-Person Benefits

  • Provides opportunity to share best practices
  • Builds a productive and supportive team environment
  • Creates opportunity to become certified mentor
  • Adds recognition as top performer
  • Creates potential to earn more money

Once the forms are completed, please email them to or fax them to (902) 465-5734.